Tips on Choosing Banquet Halls

At Banquet halls in NJ, we want to offer some tips on choosing your next banquet hall.Find Banquet Halls in NJ for the best banquets

As we review the best NJ banquet halls, you start to get the opportunity to evaluate many reception facilities in the area.  You tend to shy away from any bias, after seeing one location after another.

Many soon to-be brides looking for banquets, to party-goers planning their anniversary party, everyone imagines where they came have their next banquet, how large will they need the banquet hall to be, etc., etc.

We have compiled some observations when selecting your next banquet in NJ, especially for your wedding locations.

Distance and Time

Think about and plan the distance and time allotted for your guests from the ceremony to the reception.  Try to keep the reception  within a 15 minute or 30 minute distance of your ceremony.  Any longer than 30 minutes or so, many people will decide not to show.

Also try to lead the parade of party-goes and guests, when taking pictures, tell them to meet you and lead them to their final destination at the banquet.

Many times, if the reception is much later than after the ceremony, start a meet and greet at the banquet hall.  Allow them to have drinks and food and allow people to mingle with some background music.

Size of the Banquet Hall

Make sure the banquet hall area is roomy enough, especially give your guests enough room in between the tables, and make sure the dance area will accomodate many of your guests.  Keep the food and drinks far away from the dance area.

The manager of the banquet hall may state the ballroom or the banquet area can accomodate 200 people, many times, you will need to ensure this is true.  Many times, the area is smaller than imagined, especially when all the tables and other attributes are included!   Ask if you can visit on an occassion when there is another banquet going on just to take a peek at the roominess.

The Climate of the Banquet

We have experienced that banquet halls in NJ, can vary with the climate control, either temperature, hot or cold can be overwhelming, especially when there is a party.  Too hot, will turn your guests away and too cold will freeze out your older guests.

Make sure to find out who controls the temperature, have the person named and make sure he is around on your day of the banquet.  Especially nearing the end of the party, many guests stay for a short while and tend to leave, so it may become colder or hotter depending on the amount of people left..

NJ Smoking – Inside or Out

This is a very hot issue, especially in NJ, and many restaurants and banquet halls in NJ, restrict smoking inside and outside.  Check with the manager beforehand, especially if you want to allow some of your guests to smoke.  Many guests will feel uncomfortable if not allowed this opportunity and many others will feel overwhelmed by the smoke if it is too close, especially if you have guests that are allergic or have asthma.

Remember to check the closeness of the smoking area, if you allow that.

Last Factors of a Grand Banquet

In New Jersey, we have many banquet halls and banquet salesmen, but a good facilty coordinator will bring up all the necessary areas that you need to consider before the party.  If they don’t mention anything but wait for you to ask everything, shy away from this banquet hall for your next party or reception hall. 

Keep the overall picture of what you want to have when you rent a banquet hall, interview all parties involved to make sure they will accomodate your needs from banqet hall decorating to flowers.

At banquet halls in NJ, we want to make your day pleasurable and worry-free.

Summer Banquet Halls

Summer banquets and beach weddings in NJ may be a wedding that takes place in a location that is not home to either the bride or the groom or their families. Couples may choose a location that they have always wanted to visit for their banquet location in NJ. The couple may also opt to have their banquet and banquet hall reception in the location of their honeymoon so that their honeymoon will start immediately after the wedding. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to having banquets revolving around a summer beach wedding.

One of the most defining advantages is the ability to have a wedding in a beautiful and exotic location. Another advantage to a summer wedding, is that if you choose to honeymoon in the same location you will first of all already be at your honeymoon location at the conclusion of the wedding and furthermore you will likely receive a discount on your honeymoon stay because you have already had your wedding at the location.

One of the distinct disadvantages of banquets in NJ and summer wedding locations is that the planning process can be difficult and that you are often unable to fully enjoy the planning process. Another disadvantage to summer banquets is that they are typically not well attended due to the fact that travel is expensive.  Summer banquets and weddings can be used as the opportunity to enjoy a long weekend with close friends in a convenient location. The following are a few tips for turning your banquets in NJ into a fun-filed extended weekend for your guests.

Choosing other scenic locations in New Jersey for your banquets and banquet hall wedding, can offer your guests a variety of fun activities to participate in either before or after your wedding.

The warm weather and beautiful white sand beaches provide a beautiful setting for a wedding. Guests who arrive early or choose to spend a few extra days at the shore location will not be disappointed with the available activities. Scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, sunbathing and travel to ancient ruins are just a few of the activities that the guests can enjoy while in New Jersey.

New Jersey is still a popular destination wedding location. Guests who travel to banquets and wedding receptions in New Jersey have a variety of activities to choose from while they are vacationing. Museums, plays, operas and sporting events are just a few of the available activities that guests may choose to partake in. Besides these activities, NJ also has some of the best people watching available in the world. The city is literally teeming with interesting characters that delight visitors with their idiosyncrasies. Additionally there are many nightclubs and restaurants that are definitely worth trying.

A summer beach wedding is basically a wedding and vacation combination. Banquets from Beach weddings in NJ

The key to hosting a great banquet is to choose a location that provides your guests with a beautiful background as well as a wealth of activities to keep them entertained for at least a few days.

Although a summer banquet wedding may sound perfect, it is important to realize that there are a few downsides to hosting a summer banquet wedding.

One problem is that many guests will decline your invitation because they are either unable or unwilling to travel for the wedding. This can also work to your advantage by limiting the number of guests as well.

While you may be disappointed if close friends decline your wedding invitation, you are likely to be relieved that you do not have to pay for distant relatives or casual acquaintances at your wedding. The advantage, however, to  summer beach banquets is that the couple does not have to travel for their honeymoon and that the guests have the luxury of spending a few day in a beautiful Oceanside location.

Reception halls and Location

In this section of Banquet Halls in NJ , I found some greatNJ Banquet Halls and NJ Weddings information on one famous wedding location.Decisons on banquets and reception halls in NJ can make any newly engaged couples overwhelmed.  Sometimes the perfect reception hall and banquets in NJ can be booked years in advance, so proper planning is needed.  An interesting article below on finding the location and proper timing for any wedding banquet and reception hall.

Location, Location, Location: Perfect Wedding Spots

By : Lesley-Ann Graham
Wedding magic often arises from where you’re speaking your vows. Outdoor weddings feel different from indoor ones, and small intimate churches are very different from backyards or cathedrals. Each unique wedding site, though, has unique challenges. Choose your site, and then plan well.If it’s popular, book it now. The Wedding Pavilion at Disneyworld is booked five years in advance. Busy venues that do events besides weddings must be booked early as well. Parks and beaches often require permits; contact the park department in your area to find out.Do they allow it? Not everyone allows a marriage ceremony on their facilities; if you are booking the reception, make sure you can have the wedding there too. Be creative; if they say no, ask about a wedding in their garden or if they can offer a suggestion for a nearby site. And give them the information you have for scheduling, ceremony type, and number of guests at any event you’re planning to have at their location.Ask about restrictions. Smoking, food, alcohol (especially in public parks and beaches), music, photography – any or all of these may be restricted. Historical locations often don’t like photos. Aquariums and zoos don’t like anything that disturbs the animals. And you may have to use a caterer they’ve signed a contract with, especially for more public venues like convention centers or public museums.Get special liability insurance. You should be prepared for anything. Besides, many sites require insurance.If it’s an outdoor wedding, make just-in-case plans. What if it rains? Have an indoor emergency venue waiting as a standby, rather than have your wedding ruined.

Ask what they’ll provide and what you must bring. This goes down to tables and chairs. Draw a map of where you want things to be situated: for the wedding, your registry, seats for guests, where the bride enters, decorations, smoking area, child-emergency area, and anything else you can think of. And for the reception, all tables and chairs, tables for gifts and for food, bride and groom’s table.

Everyone forgets the bathrooms. Visit the location before booking the wedding and look for access issues for older or handicapped guests, adequate smoking areas, diaper changing areas, bathrooms that are large enough and have mirrors, and ask about power. You may have to supply some of your own amenities, depending on what’s available. Ask about heating and A/C, as appropriate for your time of year. Do windows open? Do they have a kitchen? Is there space for a buffet? Get it settled in advance and you won’t be stuck with inadequate facilities.

You’ll find even more great ideas for making your ceremony the magical occasion it should be in our Wedding Planning Toolkit. Don’t be scared of the planning; help us guide you through creating the perfect wedding you always dreamed of.

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