Decorating Tips for Banquet HallsIn this section of Banquet halls in NJ, we will go over options of do-it-yourself decorating tips. Hiring outside party, reception or wedding consultants can be expensive, especially if there will be a large party or wedding reception.

Many reception sites are bland and you may need to bring your special character into the banquet hall and decorate the entire space.   Banquet venues involve buffets to sit-down dinners with an assortment of themes that can be used to decorate the reception.  I will offer you a few tips on table decorations, linens, etc.

Formality of Event
First consider the reason for the banquet and level of formality, from corporate conventions, small private parties, to large formal wedding receptions. For the informal event, decorations can be simple, from cloth napkins that are designed elegantly to plain cloth tablecloths.
The theme of the party should dominate the party decorations, bring color into the space with smaller venues. Graduations, private party functions, should convey a colorful message with your theme.
You can also try napkin origami for a unique and distinct look and use matching table linens for the buffet table.
For Corporate events, you can personalize it by using roses in vases for each year of service at the company or use different colors celebrating anniversary dates.

DIY Decorating Tips
In this section of Banquet Halls in NJ, we will offer many more possibilities where you can be creative in decorating.

Crepe paper streamers and Mylar streamers can be hung from the ceiling wherein you can twist and turn to create arches from the center of the tables and outline  the area connecting to doors and windows.

Balloons make another interesting centerpiece for inside or outside decorations.  Depending on colors, you can establish a theme with pink reception ballons to more festive red ones.  Tie the balloons to the chairs and tape around doors and windows or float free on the ceiling. If you are thinking of a rental banquet hall, find out if a balloon archway is acceptable or possibly the reception site may rent archways.

Strings of lights can also be hung for informal as well as formal settings, if done tastefully. Choose uncolored lights for the formal reception, and colored for more informal stuff.

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Accessories and Outdoor Ideas
Flower arrangements and candle arrangements can be used throughout the rooms or placed outside the entrance to the event. The use of luminaries or strings of lights, pine cones, flowers, flower petals and confetti can also be draped around outside on the shrubs or railings entering any banquet hall in the area of NJ.

Check out this interesting article on wedding floral arrangments.

Also, silk flowers can be used instead of fresh and you can get them the silk flowers printed with themes and messages or congratulations to the newly wedded couple!

If you would like confetti on the tables, you can paste small areas on the table with clear-dry glue and then use the glitter or confetti on top on the cloth. Realize that many banquet halls restrict using confetti, due to cleanup issues, so be sure to ask the manager.


Also, remember that seasons make a difference when decorating. Spring banquets allow much more flowery things to work with in the event. If the reception or event is around a holiday, as Christmas, then use of many festive lights and holly will be very beautiful.
Price-wise costs will go up for decorations if bought during or near the holiday, so remember to keep this in mind when planning the event. Flowers, like lilacs, in the winter may be more expensive than in spring.

Try to keep in mind when DIY decorating, that your guests should be able to get around and be able to eat and reach the banquet table without decorations getting in their way.

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