Find Exclusive VFW and Rental Halls in NJWhen you are planning a celebration of any kind, whether it is a graduation party, wedding reception, anniversary, or baby shower, looking for a hall to rent for your party can be a daunting task.

If you have a small budget then you will want to choose between a party hall or a VFW hall in New Jersey.  Both these options will cost you significantly less cash than if you were to rent a hotel ballroom, private room in a restaurant or a private home.

With this in mind, there are a few things to keep in mind when doing your research to find a party hall or VFW Hall.

If you are looking for very reasonable rates for your celebration then a VFW Hall is a good choice.  Usually on average the cost falls somewhere approximately in the $300 range to rent a VFW Hall.

You will first want to find out, if you’re not a veteran nor know of one, if they rent out to non-members.  They usually do, but check first.  Each VFW Post also has different rules and costs for their halls so you’ll want to check and make sure that they meet the criteria you’re looking for.

Also, keep in mind that you’ll have to do all the work including setup, food prep, and decorating, as well as clean up.  When you rent a hall of any kind you are the party planner in charge of everything.

VFW stands for Veterans of Foreign Wars which dates back to 1899 and you can find one in the yellow book.  You can also contact your local government to find out how to contact a veteran to find a VFW hall.

The VFW also has a website at where you can click on “Find a Post” to find a local hall in your area.

Because this is a nonprofit organization you’ll also be contributing toward a good cause because your money goes towards benefitting the veterans.

Other party hall venues you could use are local historic homes or garden centers.  This provides not only a natural and beautiful setting for your special event, but also adds some excellent ambience that will leave lasting memories for you and your guests.

Other party halls to check into are those that can be rented at churches, or from groups like the Elks or Moose Lodges and Knights of Columbus.

Usually by checking your local yellow pages or doing a search online, you can find information to contact these organizations.

If you are on a tight budget for your next party celebration, don’t worry.  There are usually party Halls and VFW Halls that can be rented at a reasonable price for every small budget.

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