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Looking for Unique Banquet Halls, Check NJ Banquet HallsI created this site to help other people make informed decisions when choosing a hall. I am a local resident who lives in New Jersey and knows that when you need to choose between quality of food, atmosphere, space accommodations and affordability you want to find the best banquet hall for your money.

Please be aware that the information provided here is impartial. If you were searching for a particular  site this may be one of your first results you found and luckily you found this site, since it was created for you to help you.

When consumers, like you and me, search and choose locations and banquet facilities for weddings and parties, it can be a very tedious task. There are many things to consider if you are looking for unique wedding venues and other corporate events that would be able to accommodate small to large parties.

I have dealt with the most pleasant hall managers to the most inept when trying to arrange a wonderful party or reception. Most times, the owners or banquet manager will accommodate your needs but other times you need to be aware of managers and banquet sales staff that are more concerned about the money than listening to you and accommodating your needs. I also know that money plays an important part when finding the absolute best local banquet hall.

Be aware that it is always best to always ask to meet and talk with the owner or manager and not deal with sales people, since you will better get a feel for how you will be treated at the time of your event.

If you are in the process or just beginning to hunt for your next reception site for a wedding, party or corporate event, besides affordability, check our recommendations of the best and top-rated banquet hall in NJ. We will be giving ratings and reviews of the best food quality, reception and banquet hall size, and atmosphere will be considered.

Choosing Affordable Formal or Informal Banquet Halls in NJ and NJ Caterers

Find beautiful Reception and Banquet Halls in the Area of NJPlanning your wedding or party venue and researching that perfect banquet hall or catering event canAre you planning a Wedding at NJ Banquet Halls? become overwhelming and unaffordable for what you have planned for your event. It can be tedious planning a reception or banquet which may entail an evening of champagne, DJ, entertainment, hors d’oeuvres, stations, and gourmet food selections from buffets to more formal affairs that include a garden party to a waterfront location. First, let’s look at some ideas on planning a formal or informal party.

Informal or Formal Events

First things to consider are whether the event is formal, a black-tie event, or more informal, casual, possibly outdoor wedding or venue wherein the reception atmosphere will play a big role. In the area of NJ, banquet halls range from extravagant ballrooms with beautiful water fountains to informal halls wherein you will need to bring your own party decorations.

Here are videos on some event planning ideas below.

Here are some useful questions I had used before deciding on a specific banquet halls for a specific event.

    • If you are having a big wedding, reception or party, ask whether there are special wedding or party packages or rental hall discounts available,
  • Ask about the menus and types of meals available,
  • Consider whether your event will be a sit-down affair or will it be formal with a waitress staff,
  • Will it be a cocktail reception, wine and cheese table, dessert buffet or Venetian table with separate serving stations available,
  • If you are planning a corporate meeting or convention, consider whether there will be refreshments and meal breaks being served,
  • Regard to protocol, consider seating plans, arranagements (with head tables, etc.), speeches, dress codes and sit-down table service,
  • Will you need to supply the waitress staff or hire independently,
  • Will it be a buffet, and if so, buffets are informal, so don’t be fooled by cheaper banquets with buffets,
  • Will you be planning banquet rounds, including toasting, speeches, buffet dinner or a formal dinner,
  • Will the cocktail hour, finger buffets, be expected to be consumed standing or sitting?

Banquet Accomodations and Ballroom Size
There are many options to consider when choosing your banquet accommodations.Accomodations of NJ Banquet Halls in NJ

Finding a grand banquet halls in New Jersey with large enough accommodations for a formal or informal affair can be tedious, depending on size of your party. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor wedding venueor if you want specific chic and unique wedding ideas or party decor check out event venues for different ideas.

As for accomodations and banquet or ballroom sizes consider using this chart, Banquet room sizes are calculated according to persons in the room can be calculated here at http://www.hotelplanner.com/Common/Popups/SpaceCalculator.cfm

Ask the reception team and/or manager if they will be working with you to plan the party or wedding decorations?Ifit is an international theme, such as Indian décor, check here for some ideas athttp://www.indianweddingsite.com/local_vendor_result/223/30/new-jersey/17/event-venue/.

Other questions to ask about banquet accomodations:

  • Will they assist in renting audio visual equipment, if needed?
  • If renting the banquet hall, will there be a premium paid for additional chairs?
  • If there are more guests than expected, will there be extra place settings available on short notice?
  • Inquire about sizes of rooms, ballrooms, etc. and if you will be able to access a patio or garden terrace?
  • Ask your Banquet manager if they will be able to supply matching glasses, goblets , dinnerware, flatware and linens to match, including table cloths, runners and napkins.

Catering Your Next BanquetBest Cuisine at NJ Banquet Halls

If you are in need of catering services for your weddings, party or corporate event, you may have to consider finding a party or reception hall that has skilled caterers on hand. Many times, you will waste valuable time in searching for caterers that may not be worth the effort or may not have the experience.

Many local halls have excellent vendors or chefs on their staff that will cater you party or reception quickly and efficiently. Options for catering services can be overwhelming so finding a great banquet manager  is very important. Make sure to get quotes on any special foods, and servings you may need well in advance.

Some tips I found when wanting to secure good catering services, is to plan early and ensure that your guests will be given the best cuisine available. Hopefully, this site, Banquet Halls in NJ, will lead you to find the best recommended caterers and cuisines..

Top rated chefs serving at banquet halls in NJHaving your guests leave happy and satisfied, will make your day stress free.

Also ensure that you are given menu options and extras for your special occasion and estimate the costs in advance. Usually, the prices are given per person, per your specialized reception or party.

Health and Safety Licensing for Banquet Halls

It is very important to ensure that the banquet hall is up-to-date in its licensing requirements in safety and food health standards. Many food borne illness happens to people when food health and safety requirements are not satisfactorily met. Here is one instance about a reception halls in New Jeresy, that may have its liquor license revoked, at http://www.nj.com/news/times/regional/index.ssf?/base/news-22/129697482349490.xml&coll=5

Most reception and food halls have special Health Departments in their local areas to check. I have listed some major Local Health Departments below.

Check the State of NJ and complaints that are filed within NJ Board of Health .

Food and safety tips is also something good to investigate. Also check the local Board of Health for food establishments and banquet halls in each county of NJ. If you are located in Passaic County, Check the Board of Health and Information for Passaic County.

BBB for Banquet Halls

It is also a good idea to check out the Better Business Bureau to find out if there are any formal complaints that were made or being made against certain dining and reception banquet halls.

Hopefully as this site, continues to grow, you will be able to choose the appropriate venue for your next party, reception or social event. Find new ideas, tips, advice from consumers and get real-world money saving tips on your next event.

Some other resources are available for banquet halls in NJ and dining in New Jersey. Check back for our latest consumer rated additions daily! Follow us, and we will keep you updated!

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